20th Century Fox launches most advanced ‘Retweet to Remind’ EchoMany campaign yet!

20th Century Fox launches most advanced ‘Retweet to Remind’ EchoMany campaign yet!


For those of you following our progress you may have read about us in The Drum recently. For the fifth time we have been working with 20th Century Fox ahead of the launch of Alien:Covenant – which hit the big screen on the 12th of May.


With a pioneering attitude towards intent-driven personalisation campaigns we are pleased that 20th Century Fox is our first client to launch our most advanced “Retweet to Remind” format yet. This has ensured that personalised “beats of content” are central to the campaign in the run-up to release day


The key to success in engaging consumers is when personalised video is intent-based – essentially where the consumer makes the first move. Pre-emptive personalisation, where the brands makes the first move, can invoke negative reactions and accusations of misuse of personal data. However, true personalisation is authentic and feels like a natural continuation of the conversation rather than a jarring message out of the blue. As such, the CTA on social channels focuses on fans simply needing to retweet this ‘Call To Action’ message to subscribe to receive exclusive personalised content and reminders. These were all delivered as native messages from the brand account at intervals throughout the campaign.


This continual output of personalised content is intended to maintain a steady buzz of high-engagement, amplifying and spreading the word about the film further – as well as directing fans to landing pages where they can purchase tickets to see the film.


The campaign


The initial, automated response is to receive a “Welcome” message, which includes a personalised image of a uniform badge with the fans’ name ‘stitched’ into it. 


Further exclusive content was then delivered over the two weeks, automatically and with no effort from the 20th Century Fox social media teams. All beats of content contained personalised messages accompanied by a link to purchase tickets. 







With video surging ahead in the content consumption stakes – by 2019 global consumer video consumption will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic –  video is a channel that advertisers want to take advantage of to deliver increasingly personalised engagement with their audiences.


We’re still collating the details of the campaign analytics, but if you’d like to know more about how well this Alien: Covenant Retweet to Remind marketing activity worked, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to update you once the reports are finalised.


You can also watch a video compilation of all the Alien: Covenant personalised assets here.