3 Ways the Film & Entertainment Industry can engage with fans in 2018

3 Ways the Film & Entertainment Industry can engage with fans in 2018



With awards season behind us, many marketers are well underway with plans for their Summer Blockbuster campaigns or tentpole title – but are they utilising the most effective strategies and focussing on the most innovative techniques?  The Film & Entertainment industry can guarantee they maximise their opportunity to build awareness and buzz around their titles throughout the year with a personalised twist.




Turn your audience into advertisers by quickly and easily providing them with highly shareable content that advertises for you! Film Studios have been using EchoMany to support social hype around movie premieres for years, but recently Odeon cinemas have signed up as a client to help promote ticket sales at their venues up and down the country.


By using simple “Retweet to Remind” mechanics on Twitter, Odeon were able to target a specific audience of movie-goers, inviting them to sign up for a personalised reminder when Kingsman: The Golden Circle arrived in cinemas. Fans could then additionally be provided with links to the e-commerce site to buy their tickets! See the full case study here. This could work similarly well for mailing-list subscribers or Facebook Fan communities.






Show your fans that they’re truly appreciated by genuinely engaging with and reacting to the content they’re posting online. This works particularly well for TV Audiences, who are Live Tweeting or reacting to their favourite TV shows by posting online – and provides them with eye-catching content that they’ll want to share with their audiences.


BBC Worldwide did it for Sherlock, Dave did it for Suits and UKTV did it for their hugely engaged audience of Red Dwarf fans – rewarding positive fan sentiment with highly personalised versions of the TV intro video which included their name and their tweet copy. Fans were so thrilled with the content, they even started using it for their profile pictures/banners!





Capitalising on existing audiences of warm fans and followers isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but by creating a sense of anticipation in the build up to a release – ideally by regular delivery of personalised, contextualised fan-friendly content – you can maintain a steady stream of buzz that lasts from trailer release to purchase. EchoMany’s Retweet to Subscribe campaigns have had huge success in prolonging fan-engagement beyond initial announcements, as well as ensuring target audiences are larger and warmer when release dates finally arrive – and work perfectly on both


For Studio Canal, the dedicated followers of the @PaddingtonBear account were prime targets for announcements of the DVD release – and so were invited to Retweet to subscribe to announcements for when the DVD went on sale. Fans were sent personalised content from Paddington, as well as links to the Amazon.co.uk e-commerce page for the DVD once it went on sale. See the full case study here.




Make It Personal


EchoMany is a Video Personalisation Platform that allows you to dynamically embed user data into highly engaging and creative video templates. Plugging into Twitter, Facebook, Messenger or E-Marketing campaigns quickly and easily, EchoMany can pull almost any data or media into a video, personalising it in a myriad of different ways.


Whether you want to incorporate CRM Customer Data, Public Profile data from Twitter or Facebook, UGC or Messenger Bot responses, EchoMany can work with you to build and design a campaign that improves return on investment, reduces cost per engagement and drives positive brand awareness.


Our highly creative team of strategists, designers and developers are ready and waiting to help you ‘Make It Personal’ – so get in touch to find out more.