Delivering a personalised campaign to cut through the Christmas crowds

Delivering a personalised campaign to cut through the Christmas crowds


Although it may be time for strawberries and cream whilst watching Wimbledon, many brands are already turning their attention to this year’s Christmas advertising campaigns. Last year, big-name retailers and supermarkets spent over £5.9 billion on their advertising campaigns and this year is likely to be no different.


Once you strip back the hypes around ads, how effective are they at engaging with customers? John Lewis’ Christmas ads have set the bar, eagerly awaited year on year and there’s no denying they are a great extension of the brand. The common assertion is that these Christmas adverts promote a positive response from consumers, however’s survey of 11,500 consumers revealed that only 1% agreed that the adverts had a “big impact” on where they did their Christmas shopping. Additionally, 69% said Christmas adverts had no impact on them whatsoever, and 6% said they liked some of the adverts but could never remember who they were for.


The key to true engagement with the consumer is to supplement the creative with personal content that drives a two-way conversation. We know that innovative personalised video campaigns can positively engage with an audience. Last Christmas, we worked with brands to build upon live social conversations, using technology as well as innovative creative to deliver increased engagement.


Take for example, our campaign with Pizza Express called ‘Shake the Tree’, which linked in-store experience with online by offering a competition on Facebook Messenger. It outperformed targets in the first week of a six-week campaign, ultimating achieving a 300% improvement and  resulting in 165,000 unique users engaged over the period of the campaign, and a 99% positive statement rate based on Facebook reactions. 





In addition, a campaign called ‘Santa&deer’ for Santander instructed fans to answer simple festive questions, along with the #Santadeer hashtag in order to enter the prize draws. With social data pulled in real-time, such as a users’ profile photo, a personalised ‘Good Luck’ message could be shared to engage users. The campaign resulted on a 480% uplift in Twitter account engagement.  





If you’re thinking ahead about how to tackle the crowded Christmas market, here is our advice:


1. Think video first – In 2017, IAB research found video advertising spend grew 50.7% to £711 million, whilst video spend on mobile alone increased by 98% to £353 million – with four times as many consumers preferring video advertising surrounding a product over text advertising. Despite this, many companies still consider video advertising to be a bolt-on in their marketing strategy rather than considering it from the outset.


2. Intent-driven – Content should be relevant and targeted to customers who have already expressed an interest in the brand. The result will be excellent share rates, positive responses from the recipients and increased organic reach and sentiment.


3. Personalise early – The average attention span of a consumer is just eight seconds so with Twitter allowing 140 second videos and Facebook 45 minutes it’s important to capture engagement within the first couple of seconds.


What’s more, remember video personalisation is for life, not just for Christmas.


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