It’s our anniversary and we’ll celebrate our first campaign if we want to

It’s our anniversary and we’ll celebrate our first campaign if we want to


This time two years ago, we were were running through the final checks on version 0.1 of the EchoMany platform ahead of its weekend launch. We knew we were onto something when we first introduced the idea of reactive, personalised video to a handful of trusted clients. One of those clients, 20th Century Fox, had given us the opportunity to launch EchoMany into the wild in support of Ridley Scott’s The Martian…so much for the soft launch!


Any early fears about how the #BringHimHome campaign might be received were quickly allayed as we delivered a massive 15% engagement rate on Twitter and over 55% of all EchoMany videos receiving a ‘like’ and to top it all the campaign was recognised by Twitter as one of the Top 10 Campaigns of 2015.


Two years on, we are proud to say we have launched 75 campaigns with 34 clients from entertainment, charity, retail, grocery and restaurant sectors; including 20th Century Fox, The British Heart Foundation, Santander, UKTV, Pizza Express and Honda.


While individualised marketing was still in it’s infancy in 2015, video views on Twitter had been shown to grow 220 times from December 2014 that year. Now looking ahead to the coming years, video consumption is set to skyrocket into an essential marketing normalcy, as it is estimated that it will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, up from 64% in 2014. As video continues to grow and dominate so much screen time, personalisation and the need to cut through the noise and engage with consumers is going to become even more important.


It is hard to predict what the next two years will bring for us but, if this campaign anniversary is anything to go by, then we can look forwards to celebrating the evolving ways in which personalised video is used by our clients and experienced by the end user. That, and cake.


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