Making it personal this Christmas: Key optimisation features on Facebook

Making it personal this Christmas: Key optimisation features on Facebook



In the second instalment of our series on the key executions of personalised content over the Christmas season, we cast our gaze to how brands can optimise Facebook campaigns to amplify consumer engagement over the festive period. Last year alone, Facebook drove 90% of all interactions and 60% of all Christmas TV adverts views on social media in the UK, compared to just 40% of views on YouTube.


As the home of long-awaited Christmas advert previews, trending festive cooking recipes and dancing Santa videos – it’s fair to say it’s essential for brands to get it right on Facebook this season. But it by no means follows that all Facebook marketing campaigns were created equal on the platform in past years. In 2016, 69% of all interactions with Christmas TV advertisements across social media were with the John Lewis Christmas advert. If you’re wondering, for John Lewis this equated to an excess of 33 million views on Facebook, as opposed to less than 18m views across both Youtube and Instagram combined. Marks & Spencer and Waitrose adverts swept much of the remaining viewing figures.


It’s worth noting that video content on this platform has a two-day shelf-life, meaning marketers must have some engaging content in their stockings to maintain momentum.


Here are some of our tips on how to feed the reindeer on Facebook this Christmas:



  • Messenger Bot Chat

This tactic builds engagement via Facebook’s popular chat bot feature by directing users to your brand’s Messenger Bot, kicking off a ‘chat’ which results in a personalised and shareable video. Building on the popular trend for people creating a Christmas wish list, we had an opportunity to create a campaign for UGG that incorporated the shopping journey with personalised video content. The participant’s choice was then input into an UGG video that could be sent to a friend or relative as a fun hint for a present idea. This technique might also incorporate public social data – for example, ‘Answer our questions and we’ll recommend a Christmas present for your Dad!’ or ‘Make your own digital Christmas video card!’



  • Subscription via Messenger Bot

The first rule of any great entertainment content is: say it twice. So it follows that this tactic of encouraging users to sign up to receive multiple beats of exclusive personalised content from the brand they’re engaged with is guaranteed to incite festive cheer. With our latest campaign for Honda’s Type R release, we invited potential buyers to sign up to receive a series of personalised assets which drip fed new images and information about the car in the runup to its launch. A tactic that is ideally placed to fit with an Advent Calendar countdown, or a notification series of special offers on specific products.



  • Call to Action:

Lastly, sometimes simple is best when it comes to cutting through the busy Christmas market. Taking a direct approach with a personalised Call to Action for Santander last year – with its ‘Santa&Deer’ campaign to launch a bank ‘in collaboration with Santa’ – users were encouraged to answer a few simple festive questions, incorporating the #Santadeer hashtag, in order to enter a series of prize draws. This approach is also the perfect pudding for a branded poll or Christmas competition, with users receiving a personalised video as a reply to their engagement. 


These festive Facebook tips will help your brand to shine out against the big brand advert monopoly that we saw across feeds in 2016. As an example, last year our ‘Santa&Deer’ campaign received 99% Positive Facebook Sentiment based on 24k Reactions.



Don’t forget to come back next week to hear our thoughts on tactics for truly personalised e-marketing campaigns.


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