Grab yourself a Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar!

CLIENT: Cadbury

DATE: April 2016

CATEGORY: Digital, Retail, Social

EchoMany teamed up with Elvis Communications to deliver the first Facebook campaign for Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

Watch on Facebook

Hosted on Cadbury's official Dairy Milk Facebook page and with a promoted call-to-action post, fans were invited to submit their instructions to a virtual fairground 'grabber' by commenting under the post itself.  

Using hashtags to signal the instructions EchoMany was able to automatically identify valid competition entries and deliver back personalised video responses to every user showing them their attempt, confirming the instructions they had sent, and annoucning whether they had won or lost.

The campaign was a huge success, resulting in over 60,000 comments and over 25,000 valid competition entries.