How To Be Single #MySquad

CLIENT: Warner Bros Pictures

DATE: February 2016

CATEGORY: Digital, Film, Social

Film fans were invited to 'Tag their besties' to generate personalised invite trailers in this creative use of the platform.

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This unique use of the platform was singled out by Twitter's Ads team as one of the most creative campaigns of February 2016.  Allowing film fans to tag their best friends to create a personalised trailer that served as an engaging to call to action, bringing friends together to go and see the movie.

Manveer Lochab @ManveerLochab

@HowToBeSingleUK thankyou!!!! ♥

Sammie @Saminzki

@HowToBeSingleUK lol!

Emily @milyellex

@HowToBeSingleUK Awesome! Thank you!!

Evan @DareBearMadeIt

@HowToBeSingleUK thanks!! Can't wait to see the film